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Data Acquisition

What is the value of data?

Do you have a solution to acquire customer asset data?

Can your customer data be monetized?

Imagine the success of your organization if it were able to deliver its customers a solution that provides business process automation, reduces operational cost, promotes multi-resource collaboration, and provides accountability while promoting proactive planning and budgeting. Now, think about how successful it may be if the solution were FREE!

The only obstruction between imagination and reality is persuading the customer to provide you the data necessary to assist their organization in the management of their disparate annuity agreements. Providing the client with a valued solution that helps to organize, catalog, and manage the multitude of agreements clears this obstruction. Properly executed, this should provide access to all customer assets regardless of purchase origin enabling the acquisition of valued data.

There are significant revenue opportunities beyond the immediate revenue involved in managing your customer’s annuity agreements. The perspective gained from how and where your client has deployed technologies provides your organization insight in new product positioning, future product transition strategies, or the potential to integrate with key service offerings.

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