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it contract management services

The ServTrax platform is built to improve the process of managing support contracts and renewals for our partners and their customers.


Supporting this integrated IT contract management platform is an array of professional services designed to ensure you maximize the benefits of the platform.

See what ServTrax has to offer you and your customers.

Practice Development


Building a renewal practice is one of the keys to success in creating differentiation in this area. A practice approach entails attacking IT asset and contracts renewals as a business opportunity and crafting the strategy with the following components:

  • Taking a proactive approach to contract management

  • There is a focus on Contract Consolidation / Co-Termination

  • Dedicated resources are available to manage the process

  • ServTrax platform is used as the automation tool to manage the business

  • Active customer contract management (Adds/Moves/Changes) is provided

  • Contract management is integrated with other service offerings 

  • Renewal revenue/profit is managed as a business objective


Our staff has many years of experience in building and executing a strategic approach to renewal management. We have experience executing as a solution provider, as well as helping our partners' role at strategies.

practice dev
it contract management

Entitlement Services


A core component of the ServTrax solution is the validation of support for each asset. As assets are added to the ServTrax system, the support coverage is validated with the OEM service provider to ensure that the support levels are accurate and recorded. A sampling of the OEMs where entitlement services are available includes Cisco, Dell, EMC, HPE, and IBM.

it contract management

Business Development


ServTrax accelerates our partners' annuity contract growth by providing business development support in a number of areas:

  • Engage with our partners in the development of joint go-to-market business development campaigns.

  • Provide marketing material that can be adapted for each partner.

  • Deliver demo support to illustrate the value to end-users via the customer portal and associated services.

Business Development
it contract management



As a core component of our contract, ServTrax delivers both partner and end-user training via web conferencing. Training areas include:


  • ServTrax Modules

  • QuoTrax Modules

  • MarkeTrax Modules

  • Reporting Modules

  • New Release Training


Focused on-site training is available on request.

it contract management

White Glove Support


For partners that are launching an annuity revenue practice, ServTrax offers an end-to-end solution that manages the complete renewal lifecycle. Our white glove offering allows you to leverage our experienced staff to augment your team and take full responsibility for managing and growing your annuity base. We will help you:


  • Secure annuity contracts prior to expiration. 

  • Cross-sell annuity contracts within your installed base.

  • Improve efficiency of contract management by contract consolidation and co-termination.

  • Identify additional sales opportunities within accounts.

White Glove Support
it contract management

The ServTrax Platform

Today, partners use ServTrax to manage over two million IT assets, components, and software, from 500+ different manufacturers, representing 16,000+ customers in 68 countries.

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