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Accelerate Annuity Revenue Growth

Streamline the operational complexities associated with IT Annuity Management.
Connect with customers via an integrated portal, tightening client relationships.
Maximize revenue via an orchestrated approach to IT Asset & Annuity Management.


Grow Revenue Through Annuity Management


Build A Bridge To Your Customers


Create A Path To




  • Support renewal strategies for existing and prospective customers

  • Gathering and converting available data into full business intelligence

  • How to set and monitor KPIs

  • How to integrate support renewal data with other core business applications

  • How to leverage a comprehensive support renewal solution to grow revenue


Implementing a successful

support renewal business

How to grow sales, increase opportunities, expand relationships with existing customers, and improve bottom-line results. 


Don't leave money on the table! Get started with a strategic annuity management approach today.


Director Indirect Sales

"The TRAX Platform has allowed us to scale our business by using technology that not only increases our efficiency but is of great value to our customers. One of the best attributes of TRAX is the ability to house multi-vendor contracts and associated assets into a single repository, giving customers visibility to their entire data center environment without assistance from the manufacturers."


Director Inside Sales

"In the first 11 months after implementing the TRAX Platform, OnX grew our support revenue gross margin by over 15% in the US and over 30% in Canada. The TRAX platform was critical to this success. TRAX really helped us gain new customers as well."


VP Professional Services

"Our sales force, executive management and customers have benefited greatly from our implementation of TRAX. It has made a huge difference with how the maintenance team is viewed in the eyes of sales, management and our customers."

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