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Build A Bridge To Your Customers

Creating a Fully Engaged Customer

According to Gallup Organization research, customers who are fully engaged represent a 23%premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average customer. However, only 13% of B2B customers are fully engaged.

Today, the IT channel’s most perplexing challenge is identifying and establishing new customer relationships. Equally as important to building new customer relationships, is long-term customer retention by creating greater customer intimacy and engagement. Creating a fully engaged customer requires that your organization consistently provide information and services, allowing your clients to more effectively and profitably run their business.

Organizations need to consider the costs associated with retaining and nurturing its existing customer base, versus costs associated with attracting new customers, to determine the path which produces the greatest ROI. Gartner states that the cost to recruit new customers is 5 to 12 times greater than the cost to keep an existing customer; therefore, organizations need to maximize the return on investments already made in current customer relationships. Gallup reports that for every one engaged customer, two customers go actively disengaged, which leaves significant room for growth within already established relationships. These insights highlight the need for organizations to maximize the return on the investments made in existing customer relationships.

TRAX delivers unique insight into the technologies deployed within the customer’s environment, and how specifically those technologies are supported by the respective solution providers. This insight enables them to consolidate administrative cycles while providing a proactive management approach for their IT infrastructure. It’s a bridge, open 24/7, keeping your company’s name in front of your customers and providing a value-add service.

A recent article by the Gallup Organization focused on turning customers into “fully engaged – true believers” through repeated, high quality contact. Here is an excerpt from their article.

“Not all types of contact perform equally well as tools for relationship building. As The Gallup Organization found in a recent survey of several thousand customers for a variety of products and services, a combination of access through technology, and personal contact with company employees, typically has a greater impact on customer loyalty than does the company’s advertising.”

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