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ServTrax: The IT Solution That Propelled InterVision

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Introducing InterVision, a company that knows the pain points of customer renewals all too well. For 18 years, Jenna Jones and her team have been searching for a solution that would make ITAM (information technology asset management) more... manageable.

In the past, InterVision's asset management was done manually, which made fulfilling customer requests for contract data difficult. Unfortunately, this also meant that vital information wasn't always readily available, leading to a reactive approach to contract renewals.

But then, InterVision discovered ServTrax.

Through ServTrax, InterVision has managed its assets more effectively and fulfilled customer requests more efficiently. As a result, the company has turned pain points into profits.

"With today's increasing requests for ITAM/IMAC solutions, ServTrax is tomorrow's differentiator.” - Jenna Jones, Manager of Renewals, InterVision

Read on to find out how ServTrax helped InterVision achieve success.

InterVision's Backstory with ServTrax

InterVision, a leading provider of IT services, faced an entrenched, cost-competitive incumbent in a recent renewal bidding war.

Despite a lower cost and more profound relationship, the customer saw the value in ServTrax. Notifications for expiring contracts and reporting on assets contrasted with the competitor's capabilities. The customer awarded InterVision the renewal based on the value-add of the ServTrax platform!

While Jones and her department use it for renewals, InterVision's sales team and customers track budgeting, forecasting, and plan for pending renewals.

The sales organization has a lot to juggle, and ServTrax lends an extra hand. “So, as you can imagine, it was a big deal to our account managers on the day of selling," says Jones. ServTrax's platform provides asset insight that compliments the support and renewal process. The conversations generated result in fewer opportunities being lost, which ultimately increases sales.

"Trax keeps our customers happy and our large enterprise accounts engaged across the entire asset lifecycle." - Jones.

How Has InterVision Fared with ServTrax as a Partner?

InterVision has been on a roll. Despite the challenges posed by COVID, they have managed to increase their business by 5%.

In 2020, they landed a major renewal worth $500,000 bringing their total gross profit up to $75,000. Not bad for a company during a major pandemic!

Their success lies in their ability to adapt and seize opportunities. For example, when one of their customers hired a new VP of Technology, InterVision saw an opportunity. They demonstrated the platform's asset and contract tracking capabilities.

As a result, they were able to secure the renewal and continue growing their business. In 2021, InterVision was looking to build on its success. They are planning to launch new features and expand into new markets. With their track record of innovation and adaptability, there is no doubt that they will be able to achieve their goals.

InterVision's use of ServTrax is an excellent example of how the reseller deepened its relationship with existing clients and secured new ones.

Contact us today to learn how other reseller partners are capitalizing on the platform.


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