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How To Create Actionable Data

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Are you using your historic sales information to drive new revenue streams?
Are you using data to help your customers manage product life cycles?
Are you turning that into evidence-based decision making?

If the answer to any of these is no, then you may want to consider implementing a business intelligence solution to turn your existing data into actionable information.

The Harvard Business Review recently released a white paper called, “From Data to Action”. In the series they explore how the volume of data is exponentially increasing and how businesses can learn to successfully filter the volume of information to convert into increased sales or improved customer relationships.

MarkeTrax, a key application of the TRAX platform, is helping our partners utilize historical sales data to better identify future sales opportunities. By delivering better business intelligence and robust sales analytics,our partners are able to find the needle in the haystack. Here are some of the ways MarkeTrax can work for you:

Target Marketing – communicate new product releases, OEM programs, focused service offerings, and growing technology trends by creating the capacity to a specific target market within your customer base.

Identifies Purchasing Cycles – analyze historical sales to gain intelligent insights revealing which customers are most likely to respond to a specific marketing activity.

Campaign Management – create, customize, manage, and distribute customer marketing campaigns to your target market.

Improves Customer Engagement – proactively communicate relevant information to your customers, based on their IT environment.

Let us show you how MarkeTrax can generate sales opportunities for your company. To find out more about how MarkeTrax can help you grow your business, please email us at


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