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Generating More Renewable Revenue Without Adding Staff

Every channel partner is under financial pressure to increase sales and lower operating expenses. Profitability margins are thin and solution providers, concentrating the bulk of their efforts in hardware sales, are feeling it most.

Many organizations are seeing the exponential value of focusing more attention to the highly profitable annuity renewal business to drive recurring revenues, reduce costs, and streamline operational efficiency by providing a unified platform for the administration and management of IT assets/contracts and annuity renewals.

Channel partners who implement such a solution to manage support renewals almost immediately see an ROI from increased renewal and sales opportunities, expanded relationships with existing customers, and adding a highly effective marketing tool for prospective customers.

Annuity management platforms allow partners to greatly increase profit margins, enhance the customer experience, and focus more time closing the sale. If the solution is provided all the way to your customer, it can make you stand out as a valued partner by helping you deliver to your customer a higher level of service.

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