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Customer Experience is the New Brand

Technology customers today are focusing on solutions that help them achieve their business objectives more so than how specific technology solves technical challenges as they did in years past. This shift in customer expectation is creating new avenues for solution providers to create an edge over their competition! Partners specializing in the delivery of self-branded services or technologies to their customers are able to establish competitive and distinct brand differentiation. Not only will it help your organization create an differentiating advantage, it will also yield new revenue opportunities and ensure greater success and exposure than that of your competition.

Focus on solving your customers’ business challenges.

Historically, solution providers established value with their customers by employing high quality technology specialists capable of providing customers with an in depth understanding regarding the technical aspects of the solutions they represent. Value in this approach was high, as frequently you were selling to a technical buyer. Today as customers focus on solutions, more control of the IT budget has shifted to the individual lines of business. The shift in budget control means that sales efforts must be more inclusive of the stakeholders involved from the business units, and focus on how technology is solving the business need rather than focusing exclusively on the proposed solution’s technical capability. Today, customers seek value in partnerships that can provide an in depth understanding of how proposed technologies and services help them overcome their unique business challenges.

Create proprietary value that does not involve a specific product.

Creating value through the delivery of proprietary branded technology or services allows you to create a unique customer experience that is independent of specific the OEM products your organization represents. By creating a unique brand, your organization will be distinguishable from your competitors ultimately driving customers to consider the impact of not receiving valued services should they choose to move their business elsewhere. Creating customer dependency through the delivery of proprietary technology or services strengthens current relationships and helps establish competitive differentiation when building new ones.

Provide a unique offering that applies to all products sold regardless of OEM.

As SaaS consumption models continue to gain popularity in today's commercial and public markets, solution providers are recognizing the opportunity presented for them to deliver unique customer solutions that extend the reach of their value added services portfolio. Many are leveraging their core skills in product technology to offer a solution to their customers to help manage and maintain accurate asset and annuity inventories that make up their corporate compute environments. Managed through a proactive IT asset/contract management platform, solution providers are able to deliver customers valued services in the ongoing management of costly annuity and support agreements. By delivering a valued data management service, solution providers are seeing customer relationships extend beyond the acquisition transaction, while also gaining greater insight into how and why customers use the technologies they purchase. Data management solutions clearly create customer value, in addition, solution providers stand to benefit equally -- gaining a greater share of customer IT spend while generating valuable data that helps them to build great business intelligence regarding their customers’ buying patterns. With the current industry shift, constant customer engagement and a truly unique value-add service is critical for the success of solution providers.

The industry has grown exponentially and will only continue to expand, and the re-seller marketplace grows larger each day with more and more organizations splitting and forming from others -- all selling the latest and greatest OEM products. Therefore, ad-hoc processes and reliance on anecdotal information is no longer sufficient to sustain any advantage over competitors, nor is it appealing to customers, especially with their vast knowledge of various technologies and products in the market today.

To resolve this complication, partners looking to provide a true value-add service are implementing and white-labeling the ServTrax solution to provide their customers with an exceptional customer experience and distinguishable, unparalleled value. With our proactive IT asset and annuity management solution partners are able to clearly define their brand and deliver the next generation of customer service.

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