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Business Intelligence: Leveraging Your Support Contract Data

Data growth is expanding at an exponential rate. Businesses today have access to more data than at any other time in history. The challenge they face is how to effectively use the massive amounts of data they have collected to improve business performance. Consider a quote from a recent Forbes article by Bernard Marr:

"But in the rush to avoid being left behind, I also see that many companies risk becoming data rich but insight poor. They accumulate vast stores of data they have no idea what to do with, and no hope of learning anything useful from.”

The focus going forward is about turning that data you’ve gathered into something useful. The ability to translate the raw data into meaningful information will have significant advantages for businesses.

This growth is also true in the IT channel. Today, organizations are creating large volumes of customer data through the use of ERP, CRM, and spreadsheet applications in their daily business operations. While these solutions effectively collect and store data, they prove difficult to mine effectively due to their size and complexity. To address this issue, partners are successfully integrating TRAX with their resident applications to provide the ability to significantly increase their organization’s sales and sales management effectiveness.

The integration of TRAX provides partners the capability to identify, create and distribute content very quickly to a specific audience where time to market is critical to success. Partners proactively engaging with their customers have a significantly better chance of closing transactions over that of their competition. Email us at for more information.

“The old adage was - MIND your own business, the new one is - MINE your own business.”


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