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Balancing Act

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Asset to Service-Level Alignment

Corporate IT organizations are challenged with a constant introduction of technology assets into their data environments on a daily basis. Today, those assets are being delivered in a variety of formats ranging from the traditional physical device deployed directly onto the corporate network to “as-a-service” consumption-based models which exist exclusively in the cloud.

The various consumption-based models, subscription or “as-a-service”, present organizations with an array of unique challenges, as each instance is represented solely as its own individual annuity agreement. These agreements, or annuities, must be managed and kept current in order to maintain the availability of the feature or service being delivered. Simply put, the increasing volume of assets, whether physical or virtual, to be managed by IT organizations with limited personnel resources is creating an imbalance that will surely result in the mismanagement of annuity renewal agreements as well as the products and services they support.

Today in an effort to control asset ownership costs, many companies are implementing ITAM programs to hold their IT administrators responsible for the management of company assets and their corresponding annuity agreements.

While ITAM policies are calling for tighter financial controls related to asset ownership, consumption models are increasing the volume and complexity of the assets and annuity agreements that must be managed. Company IT organizations are seeking solutions that enable them to better account for the assets they own, the agreements that support them, and where assets are in their productive life cycle within the organization’s operating environment.

“Where there’s disruption, there’s opportunity.”

Solution Providers identifying the absence of suitable annuity management solutions are providing their customers access to the TRAX platform. TRAX provides clients and solution providers the needed visibility to critical asset and annuity agreement data to help clients accurately account for the assets and annuities they have deployed.

TRAX is helping customers identify misaligned Service Level Agreements(SLAs) in their environment that have become unbalanced. This is often a result from assets moved beyond their initial life cycle stages while the supporting annuity has gone unmanaged.

TRAX provides transparency of customer asset and annuity data allowing solution providers the ability to offer value-added services to consult, design, and execute strategic annuity-to-asset deployment strategies with their customers.

“Proactive IT Asset management can recover over 25% of the existing IT budget.” -

Channel organizations providing consultation on strategic SLA-to-asset deployment strategies are helping organizations improve operational efficiency, balance support, and reduce wasteful redundancy where it is not required. The result being significant cost savings to their clients.

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