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You Need An Annuity Life-Cycle Management Solution For 2018

How are you going to improve upon last year's performance?

Management doesn't care what you did last year, it cares about what you're going to do this year. If you don't have an annuity life-cycle management solution on your list of goals for 2018, you'd better get back to the drawing board right now.

1. Value-Add Service For Your Customers

"Fully engaged customers represent a 23% premium in terms of wallet share, profitability, and relationship growth over non-engaged customers. Companies that successfully engage their B2B customers realize 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity." - Gallup Inc. Survey

In the IT channel, delivering valued services beyond the point of sale is critical to promoting long term business relationships with clients. Every opportunity for channel organizations to offer a valued touch point helps to distinguish them from their competition. Providing access to your customer’s annuity agreement and asset inventories, using a branded web-based solution, delivers a high-valued engagement to assist with the challenges often associated with asset life-cycle management.

Think of it as a bridge, open around the clock, 365 days a year, that provides a meaningful, unparalleled solution to your customers.

2. Grow Recurring Revenue Without Adding Staff

Every organization is under financial pressure to increase sales and lower operating expenses. Profitability margins are thin and solution providers, concentrating the bulk of their efforts in hardware sales, are feeling it most.

Today, innovative partners are shifting their sales organization’s focus to highly profitable annuity-based opportunities. This shift presents challenges in and of itself leaving partners searching for a process to effectively manage the increasing volume of annual renewal opportunities. These partners are discovering the deployment of a SaaS-based service management platform delivers significant reductions in operational costs, while providing them with business process standardization to efficiently manage customer renewal opportunities.

Channel partners who successfully transition their focus see increased opportunities, expanded relationships with existing customers, and improved bottom-line results.

3. Competitive Advantage

As competition increases, organizations are finding it harder to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive business environment.

Innovation is allowing leading organizations to surmount their competition through differentiation. By incorporating business process automation through the deployment of SaaS-based management platforms, channel partners are raising the bar for customer service by being more responsive to customer requests, are engaging customers with proactive management strategies, and are introducing cost savings through consolidation.

Providing a management platform shows customers your organization's commitment in the long-term relationship, not just the short-term sale; ultimately, these relationships create more opportunities and deeper customer partnerships.

Start Planning Ahead Today.

So if you haven’t allocated anything yet, then you’re not just falling behind; you may be getting lapped. Large or small, our scale-able pricing model has a solution to fit your budget. It’s time to add a line item for an annuity management solution. For more information about how to stay in the race, give us a call or email us at


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