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Join our exclusive BETA testing program. Apply now to get early access to the platform and help shape the future of IT management. Don't wait, sign up today!


A comprehensive inventory management platform that simplifies the way organizations prepare for the buying process and track, receive, and utilize equipment throughout each supply chain stage.

MosaiX automates data collection, organizes vendor collaboration, and streamlines your experience every step of the way.

IT doesn't have to be complicated.

IT Management — MosaiX Makes It Simple

Sourcing Process

Systematize your IT sourcing with our Procurement module - say goodbye to excessive paperwork and manual tasks

Enhanced Efficiency
and Cost Savings

View your inventory in real-time through our Integration Hub and Inventory Management module - no more logging in to a dozen portals

Exclusive Network of

Discover IT solutions by connecting with vetted vendors in our Marketplace - we took the legwork out of finding "The One"

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Become A BETA Tester

Join our exclusive beta testing program. Apply now to get early platform access and help shape the future of IT lifecycle management. Don't wait, sign up today!

As a BETA tester you will gain access to:

  •   Excusive Platform Discounts and Offers

  •   Early Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

  •   Influence the Platform's Direction with Your Insights

  •   Exclusive Insights into Platform Features

  •   Personalized Support and Assistance

  •   Opportunity to Network and Collaborate

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